For Precious Metal (Gold, Platinium, Silver, etc. ) Only in Switzerland or other countries under Helveticor Security.

Beyond its world leading refining services, Swiss Export provides its clients with competitive, secure, and first-class storage solutions. As a Client of  Swiss Export your precious metals are stored in armored and highly secure vaults at our partner "HELVETICOR AG" facility at Dietikon, in Switzerland. 

We accept full liability for your metal while held at Helveticor's premises. Client's metal is segregated and held separate from other metal in physical bar form, with serial numbers. Personal inspection can be arranged on request for Clients, by Swiss Export's inspector's partners, as Kunta S.A, or Alex Stewart International (ASI). On request of the owner, your holdings can be independently audited at any time. No transaction or transfer is possible without explicit written instruction by the Owner.

Storing and buying metal with us allows Clients to be outside of the banking system. We can physically deliver your precious metals anywhere across the globe on request, after the transaction acted.
With us you have also access to the international precious metals market and you are able to convert your precious metals to cash whenever needed.
Money wire transfer possibilities are available 24 to 48 hours a day on normal business days.

Your storage contract is based on Swiss Law and under strict Swiss Jurisdiction. Swiss Export is an “RPO” (Reasonable and Prudent Operator) indicating that it is a qualified and experienced company complying with all applicable laws for the sale and export of bullion worldwide.



For Agro Business (Sugar, Soybean, Corn, etc.) Storage is managed by the logistic at the Loading port as Port of Santos, Brazil, or Mersin Port, Türkiye, or any ASWP , under the responsibility of the transport or forwarder companies 


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