Please find below a resume of the transaction procedure:


  1. End Buyer issues official LOI or ICPO, with Buyers Copy Passport and Original Buyers Company Registration Certificate.
  2. Seller issues Official FCO to end buyer.
  3. FCO counter signing and sealing by Buyer together with Buyers Copy Passport and Original Buyers/Seller Company Registration Certificate. (By Courriel & Mail Post). The buyer will provide a POF, Proof of Funds, in the Form MT199, MT799, RWA. When the POF is confirmed, the next could be acted.
  4. FCO needs to be signed and sealed officially by the end buyer and sent to us together with the Original Company Official Company registration Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and 1 x Color Copy Passport of the CEO/ Chairman + Advise the chosen Payment method Option required which we have proposed from our FCO to be inserted within the S.P.A.
  5. Important: We can guarantee only our FCO & SPA contract prizes from whom the Allocation security Deposit has been conducted and the Final CI has been issued - otherwise prices will be adjusted to the new prices and all our previous offers expire automatically.
  6. Seller sets up the SPA Draft for final Buyer review and signing & sealing and complies with the " Allocation Security Deposit " terms.
  7. "Allocation Security Deposit" is an amount paid by TT, or Wire Transfer to the Seller, immediately when the FCO is signed and the S.P.A signed by the buyer, and before the seller will sign. The amount of "Allocation Security Deposit" will be deducted from the final invoice issued to the Buyer.

    - If the Buyer failed or cancelled the transaction, this "Allocation Security Deposit" will not be refundable and saved by the seller as compensation.

    - If the Seller failed to deliver or cancelled the transaction, the "Allocation Security Deposit" will be refunded within 24 to 48 hours maximum to the bank account from where the amount was sent.

  8. SPA countersigning by Seller and register the contracts by a lawyer or solicitor.
  9. Seller issues Official Commercial Invoice. (Proforma Invoice) 
  10. Buyer issues payment instrument agreed in the contract as DLC, SBLC, MT705 Pre-Advice, BG, or other.
  11. Seller will send POP, and documents necessary for the Buyer.
  12. Seller will prepare the goods for loading, depending on which Incoterm the sell is acted (FOB/CIF/ Ex-works/DAP/DAT/ etc.)
  13. The Seller grants Inspection and POP including SGS, CCIC or other.
  14. Buyer issues and valid the payment agreed.
  15. The Seller will release the goods when the payment is confirmed by seller's bank.


Once you are ready, we will be more than glad to follow up with you accordingly.




  • We advise all the clients with ongoing FCO & SPA contracts urgently to finalize the Allocation and issue the CI to guarantee our SPA and lock the previous contract agreed price.


  • Commercial Invoices which have been issued to buyers from whom the eight expiry days have expired without executing the LC formalities are not valid anymore, and a new Allocation Security Deposit needs to be issued to relock the previous agreed contract price, failing in this will result in a new price raze.


Thank you in advance.