We inform our suppliers and customers, that our team, in accordance with the beneficiary will verify all documents, POF, POL, BL, Bank document, etc. 

In term, that we will find a fraud, we inform the CEO of the company, that we will report a complain to the authorities of the country, where the documents were issued, as banks, maritime/shipping companies, Companies Register of Commerce from the country to the ministry of justice. Also, according to a contract that we signed with our partners all around the world, we will communicate all data and information, to inform that a fraud was committed.

The name of the company, Author's name of the fraud, phone, e-mail, and all details will be stipulated on a website, and everyone could get these informations. 

We are extremely strict and several, we will not accept any excuse or any other form of explanation when the fraud was committed.

Please to inform us about a fraud, that a person or a company used our name, logo, or other detail. Send an e-mail to 

To Inform us about a company which is using fake document, information, send us an e-mail to: 

We are creating a page on our website, where the names of the persons, companies, homonym, and any other detail will be disclosed. These informations will be edited to prevent any kind fraud to a company, person.